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Mission & Vision


  • To be the reputed Research & Development (R & D) center for the development API technology.
  • To provide chemistry services to the New Drug Discovery, fine chemicals and key intermediates.


  • Celestis Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. aims to be the leading R & D center in the in the field of chemistry to provide technology to the pharma industry.
  • We aim to provide innovative, affordable manufacturing technology for the high quality API, fine chemicals and NCE's.

API Intermediates

An active ingredient (AI) is the ingredient in a pharmaceutical drug or a pesticide that is biologically active. The similar terms active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and bulk active are also used in medicine, and the term active substance may be used for pesticide formulations. Some medications and pesticide products may contain more than one active ingredient.

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API Impurities

Impurities are substances inside a confined amount of Liquid, gas or solid, which differ from the Chemical Composition of the material or compound.

Impurities are either naturally occurring or added during synthesis of a chemical or commercial product. During production, impurities may be purposely, accidentally, inevitably, or incidentally added into the substance.

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